Look into vector type branch in TreeViewer

Is it possible to cut some entries in the output histogram in the TreeViewer, imposing some selection on some elements of a vector type branch variable using EditExpression method in “cut” option?

Also, I want compare elements of two vector type branch variables which have the same size as each other, drawing a scatter plot in TreeViewer.


Perhaps @bellenot knows the answer or who to ask instead?

I never use the Tree Viewer, but:

I would say: just try. And there is some help available from the Tree Viewer help menu.

That seems too complicated to be achieved with the Tree Viewer only, but I might be wrong… Maybe @agheata can give some hints, he is the author of the Tree Viewer

The TreeViewer is just a graphical interface on top of TTree::Draw functionality - you can drag branches but also manually edit expressions, cuts or options. If you can do what you want with a TTree::Draw command, then you should be able to do it also with the TreeViewer. Note that after pushing the Draw button in the viewer, the command that was actually executed can be seen/replayed by pressing the 'Up" arrow in the terminal (registered in the ROOT command history)

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Thank you all.
It seems that I should learn more about TTree::Draw…

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