Long long variables in root


I am trying to compile a standalone program (“myroutine”) that uses root libraries.
I am using root version 4.04.00 compiled for gcc 3.2.2 (the compiler I use).

When I try to compile I get warnings concerning long long variables:

% gmake
Linking myroutine
In file included from /cern/root-4.04.00/include/TObject.h:31,
from /cern/root-4.04.00/include/TGClient.h:26,
from myroutine.cc:11:
/cern/root-4.04.00/include/Rtypes.h:81: warning: ISO C++ does not support long long' /cern/root-4.04.00/include/Rtypes.h:82: warning: ISO C++ does not supportlong long’
/cern/root-4.04.00/include/Rtypes.h:122: warning: ISO C89 forbids long long integer constants
gmake: *** [myroutine] Error 1[/ul]

Line 11 of myroutine.cc is:

#include <TGClient.h>

i.e. the very first include.
Any suggestion what the problem could be?

Add the flag -Wno-long-long to your compilation line.