Log scale labels while zooming


This is an old subject, but were there any progresses in displaying of labels in Log scale when one is zooming. You sometimes see tickmarks but no labels, depending on the limits of an axis.
(see attached picture, x axis)
I know that secondary ticks are not yet supported in log, but at least being able to always display some labels when the tickmarks are present would be nice.



Hi Damir,

As you know the axis drawing can be improve in many areas. The log scale drawing is one of them. The PaintAxis procedure is quite complex and any modifications in it is very difficult until it has been completly restructured. The origin of this procedure is the HIGZ routine IGAXIS. So I tried to produce some equivalent plot in PAW (which uses IGAXIS) to see if I get the same result. I did a null plot between 200 and 1000 and I get the attached picture. As you can see IGAXIS gives more labels than PaintAxis. My guess is that I did some improvements in IGAXIS after it was included in ROOT. May be the improvements I did in IGAXIS can be also put in PaintAxis. To be seen …