Log scale error

Hi Everyone,

 I am trying to view a histogram in logY scale and I am getting the following error:

Error in THistPainter::PaintInit: log scale requested with zero or negative argument (0.000000).

I am assuming(possibly wrongly) that this means that the histogram was filled with bins with 0 or negative entries. So to try to solve the problem, I followed the advice of my post-doc and set bins with 0 entries to a very small number… However no matter what I do I am getting the error, whether I set to logY in code or manually. Any help on a way to solve the problem would be greatly appreciated. Attached are the histogram and a running script.

Thanks as always!

4eMassPseudo300.root (5.54 KB)
Pseudo.C (4.63 KB)

Remove your statement


Thanks very much Rene!