Log Axis


I have filled a histogram in log_10 such that the x axis now goes from -10 -> 0
I would now like to paint the axis correctly such that the histogram has a log axis
HOw would I go about doing this?
… I had a look at TGaxis but was not sure how to implement



If you have a TCanvas* c, a TH1*h, do

c->SetLogx(); h->GetXaxis()->SetRange(1e-10,1); h->Draw();

Hi again…
I tried this but it scales the histogram to be log…
all I want to do is take a histogram (which I filled as log_10)
and paint the axis with a log_10 axis, so that the bins of the histogram do not change or get scaled (visually) but the axis has?

Is this possible



Create your histogram with the variable bin width constructor such that the bins are at equidistant logs between -10 and 0. Then fill your histogram with x and not log(x).