Loading Shared libraries

I have two shared libraries which were written by someone else in my group. I don’t think I can post them, sorry.

When I try to load one, then the other, the second loading always returns a success value, but when I try using something from the library, it just gives me a “not defined in current scope” error.

I’ve tried googling about, but no luck. I know it’s difficult to debug without seeing the source, but maybe someone has come across this kind of thing before? Or it’s a common gotcha?


wow, this is almost a “I don’t see nothing on my screen - what’s wrong?” question. So I hope you don’t expect us to find the solution…

But you can check something basic: do you have the libraries’ dictionary loaded at all? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then please read the users guide.

Cheers, Axel.

Yeah, sorry about the lack of information. It’s not my code, so my hands are tied.

The libraries aren’t made in (what I think is) the “normal” way - They use a makefile instead of .L myCode.cpp+.

They have dictionary files, but do I understand that you say I have to load them somehow? The User guide isn’t being all that helpful for me. Maybe if you could point me at a section?