Loading Geant4 after launching ROOT

Hi everybody, I’m a new member of the RootTalk and this is my first topic.
I’m sorry if my question may be stupid, but, unfortunately, I’m not an expert :smiley:

On Debian I recently installed Geant4 and I’d like it to be loaded when starting ROOT.
Can you tell me please if and how I can perform this?

Thanks a lot!


what do you mean by loading? What do you want to do with geant4 libraries after loading (if loading means dlopen or the ROOT correspondant of it)?


Hi, thank you for the attention :slight_smile:

What I’d like to do is using geant4 libraries when I’m running a ROOT session, in order to write my program without necessarily declare geant4 libraries inside the code.

For example, instead of writing


// code

I’d like to write only


I hope I explain my question clearly :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time!

You can always build a library that depends on Geant4 (includes G4 headers, links with G4 libraries) that is loaded dynamically on your ROOT application. In this case you you do need to include or link G4 headers and libraries in your application.

Ok, thank you very much!
I apologize for my behaviour, but i 've had some troubles recently and i could read your answer only now. I’ll try as soon as i can.