Load more than one library for a plugin


I have a library (say libTest.so) that needs a set of libraries to run (say libfftw3.so). The whole set (libTest.so and libfftw3) makes a plugin. Is it possible to load libfftw3 just before loading libTest.so within the plugin mechanism.
If this is not clear, I want to consider libTest.so as a plugin, but it depends on libfftw3.so, which is not a ROOT-enabled library (not rootcinted). And I want to keep the “plugin” features for both libs in a consistent way.

Any idea on how to do that simply ?



Hi Damir,

if you link libTest.so with libfftw3.so when building libTest.so then when you load libTest the loader will also load libfftw3.

Currently there is not yet a way to specify plugin dependencies, but the above way generally works fine.

Cheers, Fons.