Load a macro from other one

Hello, I’ve a macro to analyse sipms data having more than one functions.

For example, I’ve the function

int readSEventList(TString basepath, // path of the run files
		   vector<int> srun, // signal (beam) run numbers
		   vector<int> prun={-1}, // pedestal run number, -1 for no pedestal, apply default threshold
		   float nsigma=3, // number of sigma for the pedestal RMS (or its default value)
		   int thr_gain=4096,  // max gain value (13 bits adc values, should not be requires) - fix potential bug in ASCII readout Spectroscopy mode
		   int channel=-1, // if >=0 process channel and related paired on the opposite end of the bar
		   int nboard=0) { // number of e

that I can run in a root session as

.L anasipm.cpp

I would like run the macro for several srun by a for cycle in a bash script. Then I wrote a simple runevent.cpp macro loading anasipm one.

for i in {8..58}
echo $nrun
nohup root -b -q 'runevent.cpp('$nrun')'


But when running runevent.cpp I get

Processing runevent.cpp(9)...
In file included from input_line_8:1:
/ana_code/runevent.cpp:13:2: error: use of undeclared identifier 'readSEventList'
        readSEventList("/nfs/luna02/casaburf/x17/data/", srun, prun);

Then, I guess anasipm.cpp macro is not really loaded.
runevent.cpp (275 Bytes)



if I understand correctly, and please correct me if I am wrong, you would like to run the function readSEventList, defined in the macro anasipm.cpp, multiple times, once per run in a certain range of your choice.
Mixing ROOT and bash is an option.
Have you perhaps considered creating another macro, that imports anasipm.cpp, and manages the loop? (this is just one of many ways to achieve your goal - always provided I am not missing something)

I hope this helps.


You need to either #include "anasipm.cpp" in runevent.cpp or pass multiple instruction to the root executable:

root -b -q -e '.L anasipm.cpp' 'runevent.cpp('$nrun')'

Hello, thank you the both @danilo and @pcanal

@danilo: Yes, I’ve the anasipm.cpp macro in which the readSEventList is defined . I want to run it several times. Then I wrote runanasipm to load readSEventList and the bash script to set the run number.

@pcanal I included the anasipm.cpp in runanasipm, but now I get

Processing runevent.cpp(8)...
warning: Failed to call `runevent(8)` to execute the macro.
Add this function or rename the macro. Falling back to `.L`.

anasipm.cpp (47.6 KB)
runevent.cpp (300 Bytes)

Add this function or rename the macro. Falling back to .L.

You need to either rename the function runevent or rename the file runanasipm.cpp or use

root -b -q -e '.L anasipm.cpp' -e '.L runevent.cpp'  'runanasipm('$nrun')'

Hi @pcanal yes. I changed the function name forgotting to change the macro one. I noticed it after that I wrote it on the forum, but I was on trip then I coulndn’t edit the message


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