Linking user-defined libraries with ACliC


I Have a program consisting of a couple of xxx.h/xxx.cpp libraries .
They work just fine when compiled with g++, but I would like to be able to compile it with ACliC so I can be able to plot some histo and stuff on the fly while my simulation is running .

Is there:

A) A Way to compile with g++ that would still show my graphs (last time I’ve tried this, the graphs were created, filled and all, but never shown up).

B) A way to compile it with ACliC and to have them (my libs) included.


the other option , C), I guess , would simply be to handle plotting and data analysis from another script outside the simulation. That would work fine , but I’m one lazy bastard , I want to execute one file and get everything done.

Thank you in advance for your answers


This script shows how the ACLiC can be used to linked against pre-existing libraries and/or pre-existing object files.
For libraries, you simply need to load them in ROOT prior to calling ACLiC.
The script above can be used like that (for example):

For A you need to have a TApplication and you need to call gSystem->ProcessEvents() on a regular basis in your loop.


Thank you, I think I will try all 3 ways to get used to it :slight_smile:



Note that after the 5.12 release we will introduce a new class (TAclic) which will encapsulate this kind of feature (and fix a couple of outstanding bugs).



You should have precised that this is not for the coming release 5.12,
but the one after.