Linking libraries and TSelector

I have a small library of C functions. In the past I have always compiled my ROOT programs, linked the necessary libraries and looped over all events in the following manner:

TChain c(“tree”);
Int_t n_ent = c.GetEntries();
for(Int_t ii=0;ii<n_ent;ii++) {
… Process the event

I am now running root 5.22 and would like to use the new ProofLite, and hence need to develop a TSelector. This I have done. When I try to run my program I get the error

Error: tliDcaPoint() declared but not defined test_sel.C:728:

Where tliDcaPoint() is the function being called. I have both a static and shared library, libsmall.a and and have tried both
proof->Exec(“gSystem->AddLinkedLibs(”-L/home/stewartt/Work/charm_eff -lsmall")");

without any success.

How do I link libraries such that when I call the c.Process(“test_sel.C”) such that the Tselector in test_sel.C can utilize functions in libsmall?


Solved the problem by replacing


proof->Exec(".L /home/stewartt/Work/charm_eff/");