LinkdDef instruction and class informations to add for inherithed classes in RooFit

Dear ROOT and ROoFit experts

I have a simple question .
We have written a class inherithin from RooNLLVar

class AdaptiveNLL : public RooNLLVar{ 

In the LinkDef.h file we use we have

#pragma link C++ class AdaptiveNLL+;

When we compile we get

Warning: Unused class rule: AdaptiveNLL

Are we doing something wrong with LinkDef with inheritances ?

THe same kind of code is working when we write a class inherithing from TObject and we write the ClassDef, and ClassImp stuff inside our classes. I wonder if there ClassDef/Imp is special for TObject based classes or it can be expanded also in RooFit world.

For the records, i added the ClassDef and ClassImp around, the messages disappear but it seems like i must reimplement something related to the TBuffer and streaming to disk of this class.
I guess that inside RooFit, any extension of RooRealVar , or other classes should have some extra method to be written down for persistency, things you don’t need for inherithed classes from TObject. Is that correct?

Can you confirm you have includeed a default constructor to your class? ROOT I/O requires it. For RooFit specifics, I believe @StephanH can help you out.

Hi Renato,

I’m not the super I/O expert, but I dare say these things:

  • You need a ClassDef macro and mention it in the LinkDef.h if you want to do I/O with the classes.
  • ClassImp seems to be unnecessary these days.
  • You don’t need to write your own streamers. Use ClassDef(ClassName, 1) and #pragma link C++ class ClassName+;, and you get automatic streamers.
    • A - in LinkDef means that you want to write the streamer yourself. Not recommended!!!
    • A ClassDef(ClassName, 0) means that you don’t want I/O.

More info about streamers:

Check also chapter 15, adding a class.

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