Link standard web page from a custom web page using THttpServer

Hi guys,
I’m developing a standalone root application with web server implementation (THttpServer).
I’m using a custom html + jsroot web page to interact with the server but I would like to add a link to the standard web page (the one that appear when I don’t use the line serv->SetDefaultPage("../html/mainwindow.htm");) to inspecting all the root objects of my web server.
Is it possible? I tried to link to /jsrootsys/index.htm but it is not the right page, than I tried /jsrootsys/files/online.htm but it doesn’t work because it can’t find some scripts.
Can you help me please.
Thank you

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Unfortunately not. Once default HTML page is replaced - it is no longer available to THttpServer.
I need to check if I could implement such feature

Thanks for quick reply.


Feature implemented now in current ROOT master:
Will be available in next 6.16 release.


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Thanks a lot.

You are the best!

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