LineWidth in PostScript


I would like to draw a circle with a given line width. In the canvas
it shows up ok. If I save it as gif, it’s still ok. However, in ps, it appears
that the LineWidth is reset to some default value.

I am using 3.10/02. And here is what I type:

TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas(“c1”,“c1”,0,0,500,500);
TH2 *h3 = new TH2D(“h3”,“h3”,10,-5.,5.,10,-5.,5.);
TEllipse *el = new TEllipse(0., 0., 2.);

In the Canvas I do “Save As Postscript” (opening a TPostScript gave the
same result). The LineWidth of the axis and StatBox are thick (5), but
the Circle border is not. Why is that ?

thank you for any help.
Markus Cristinziani

I had similar problem before.
I opened the ps file with gimp and everything was fine. I believe acroread also can open ps files. It seems like an imcompatibility between root-generated ps code and ghostscript.

It’s not just the viewer; I might want to print it out some time.
Is this a known problem ?


well, did you try sending the file to printer ?
In my case , the file printed fine, looked fine in gimp, but fill, color settings were wrong in ghostview.

This is a bug in Ghostview when using antialiasing.
You must disable antialiasing in one of the ghostview menus.