I’m trying to use really long strings. (I mean their lenght is long, ~ 2000 bytes). As far as I understand CINT has a limitations for such lines.
sprintf - GPF’s (cores)

THe quesition is: whether is it possible to redefine something an rebuild CINT standard library in order to get it working?

there is a declaration in typeinfo.h:


  • G__string_buf
  • This struct is used as temporary object for returning title strings.
  • Size of buf[] limits maximum length of the title string you can
  • describe. You can increase size of it here to increase it.

struct G__string_buf {
char buf[256];

Is is that???

thank you.

Hello George,

No, that is not it. The limit numbers are in G__ci.h and they
starts with G__MAX???. I guess you need to increase G__LONGBUF
and G__ONELINE. If it does not work, send me your source code
with the long string.

Thank you
Masa Goto

it works!

Thank you.