Limit the number of entries drawn

I have a very large TTree structure from which I draw various combinations of branches. Sometimes this can take quite a long time. In other cases, ROOT crashes after a minute or so.
Often, I do not need to draw the TTree entries in their entirety. A smaller subset will suffice.
Is there a way to limit the number of entries drawn from a very large TTree ?

Or should I just put an event counter in the TTree and set a limit within the draw options T->Draw(“Var1:Var2”,“Events<=10000”,“h”, for example?
Thanks for your help,

see the calling sequence of TTree::Draw. You can specify the number of entries to process, as well as the first entry, eg

tree.Draw("var","","",1000) will process only the first 1000 entries


Sorry. I had not seen this option before!
But I knew it would be simple. You guys have thought of everything!
Thank you.