Limit of points in a TGraph clone


I am having some problems with a TGraph clone, I create a a graph with from a tree and then I clone it to make use it later. But with this clone process only copy the first 1000000 points. There is any way to change this maximum number?

I attached an example which show this limit.


I am using root version 5.20/00.
tgraph-clone.c (429 Bytes)

The problem has nothing to do with TGraph::Clone. If you draw Graph and g1 you will see that bot have 1000000 points.
By default when calling TTree::Draw a maximum of 1000000 points is used by default. You can change this default by calling TTree::SetEstimate before TTree::Draw, ie

tree->SetEstimate(n); tree->Draw("y:x");


Thank you very much!