in ROOT 5.27


In the xrootd configurations files which I use to start the nodes of a PROOF cluster, I find
the following lines.


While I don’t really understand this line ( I don’t know whether it is there for “historical” reasons or whether it is needed), this line causes troubles with ROOT 5.27(/05), because is missing.

Is intentionally missing in ROOT 5.27, or did I misconfigure my ROOT build?
Is there some documentation concerning the xrootd.fslib option for xrootd, to find out whether this line is needed in my case?
Is there a way to write the configuration file in a way that it works with ROOT 5.26 as well as with ROOT 5.27?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Is there a place to ask xrootd specific questions, or it this forum the right place for those questions?


The right place for xrootd specific questions are the xrootd mailing list and bug tracker.
See the top of .
At the same address you can find documentation for the xrootd directives.

Going into the specific of question, with the xrootd version coming with 5.27 the XrdOfs default layer (the one which was implemented in libXrdOfs) is embedded in the xrootd binary. Alternative implementations should now be explicitly loaded with that directive.

I do not think but you can ask on the list. Usually people change version and do not go back, so this is not really an issue …
But I see the point if you are switching between versions.