libSpectrum not listed by 'root-config --libs'?

Dear ROOT fellows

it occured to me that when I add a TSpectrum in my application, I need to add -lSpectrum by hand, since ‘root-config --libs’ won’t list it. What is the reason for this? Is this explained somewhere?




We have about 100 shared libs in total. The default root-config --libs include only the minimal but frequently used subset.

When running in an interactive session, the interpreter can automatically load shared libraries referenced by a class. For example the following

root > TSpectrum s will automatically trigger the dynamic linking of libSpectrum.
However, when called from a compiled script or program, you must make sure that the library is linked before using classes from this library, ie

root > gSystem->Load("libSpectrum"); root > .x somecode.C+ or specify -lSpectrum in your link sequence if you build your own executable.