libRIO.dll does not exist


I have installed the same ROOT version on two computers:

Desktop: ROOT 5.26/00 (trunk@31882, Dec 14 2009, 20:18:36 on linuxx8664gcc)
Laptop: ROOT 5.26/00 (trunk@31882, Dec 14 2009, 20:18:36 on linux)

I do not understand, why I get an error message on my desktop computer, but not on my laptop, when I run the following script.

test() {
    gROOT->ProcessLine(".L ../DAQChris/Common/daqseq.cpp+g");

Maybe, someone has an idea?

Thank you, Christian


do you have libRIO.dll on the machine where it works? It’s linux, and it should only have Did you create a softlink for some reason?

Cheers, Axel.


it finally found the reason for this strange behaviour. I copied the directories containing the ROOT macros from one computer to another. ROOT creates several files during compilation (*.d , *.so, etc.). It is necessary to delete ALL of these files! If you compile again ROOT recreates these files for the new system and everything works fine.

Regards, Chris