i m trying to add a class with shared library. i have built sclass.h sclass.C
next i have made LinkDef.h file. using this i generated dictionary.C. now i
have to compile the class using Makefile. but how i will prepare makefile?
by manually or other ways. like in qt i can generate it using
qmake -o where is project file. what will be in case of root for making makefile.
thanks in advance.


If you are not familiar with Makefiles (there are example in $ROOTSYS/test, see Makefile and Makefile.arch). You can simply use ACLiC to generate your library: In your case, all you might need are the file sclass.h and sclass.C and do at the root prompt:.L sclass.C+or in C++ :gROOT->ProcessLine(".L sclass.C+");Cheers,