libPyROOT_rdict.pcm files not installing

ROOT Version: 6.20.0
Platform: Debian 10 amd64
Compiler: GCC Debian 8.3.0-6

When building and installing version from source, libPyROOT_rdict.pcm is not installed, but when I import ROOT in Python 3.7, it complains that the file cannot be found. Is there some cmake option I’m missing to build this file?

OS is Debian 10 amd64, and Root version 6.20.00

Root itself seems to run fine and the Python module finishes loading.

The error message looks like this>>> import ROOT
Error in TCling::LoadPCM: ROOT PCM /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/libPyROOT_rdict.pcm file does not exist
Info in TCling::LoadPCM: In-memory ROOT PCM candidate /usr/lib/root/libASImageGui_rdict.pcm

The last line repeated many times, but with different file names.
/usr/lib/root/libASImageGui_rdict.pcm does not exist, but
/usr/lib/root/ASImageGui.pcm does exist, as does /usr/lib/root/PyROOT.pcm

setting the option


on the cmake command line solved the problem.

Hi! Removing -Druntime_cxxmodules=OFF is not an option (it is a new default for 6.20!)
Do you have PyROOT.pcm build (libPyROOT_rdict.pcm is now the part of PyROOT.pcm)?