libNew.dll and Windows

I’m trying to track down a crash. Just before the app goes bye-bye I get the following print out:

[quote]: passed oldsize 200, should be 2147234984
Fatal in : unreasonable size (2147234984)

I can also get it to run ok – the problem is the difference between the two situations is about 200 files. So, I’m taking other measures to window down the problem.

One thing I noticed when looking at the list of .dll’s my program loads is that the one that fails loads (that the working version does not):

libNew, libReflex, and libCintex

I think what happened is I have some mysterious reference to libCintex, which pulls in Reflex, which pulls in New. But I’ve not followed it up enough to say that with any certianty.

I’ve been reading here and there on the root forum and old mailing list that libNew shouldn’t get built on windows or at least linked against. I also note that CustomRealloc2 is in libNew.

Is it bad that libNew.dll got loaded?

The other thing that I’ve not sorted out is that libCore is somehow pulling these in – but only under certian circumstances (no, I don’t understand that either - delayed load, and I am referencing something that causes this??).

Details: This is 5.14b, built by me (python was turned on, just about everything else was default). I’ve not tried 5.17/02, though I will probably later this evening if I have a chance.


Figured it out – my fault. I was linking against libNew.lib. I thought I’d removed that, apparently not. Sorry!

Now, I’m off to watch the French get beat by the English in Rugby. Allez Le Bleu! Hopefully the French will have a better time at it than I debugging ROOT!

Gordon “50% British, but living in France for a year” Watts

[Edit: Changed “destroy” to “get beat by.” Dang.]