libGPad makes root hang on Mac OS X


It seems my problems with the latest production version of ROOT and Mac OS X are not over yet. Therefore, I once again seek advice from the great minds on this forum.

On Mac OS X 10.4.10/PPC and ROOT 5.16, I am unable to get any graphic output.
The X11 server is started, and the splash screen if correctly displayed.
But if I type for instance:
TCanvas c;
ROOT with hang, seemingly in a kind of endless loop (CPU usage almost maxed out). I can still fall back to CINT by pressing CTRL+C.

The symptoms are the same if I try to type:

Compiled applications using the TG* classes also fail at start. For instance, I cannot successfully launch “guitest”.

I stumble across this problem with the precompiled version of ROOT which Fons has been kind enough to put online today, or with a compilation from source with default options.

I am missing something obvious ? The DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and ROOTSYS environment variables are set. This seems like a local configuration problem on the machine I am using, however I didn’t have problems with previous version of ROOT (5.14).
Thanks a lot for your help.


can you try changing in $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc the line:

X11.UseXft: no

Let me know if this helps.

Cheers, Fons.

Indeed, this solves my CINT problems as well as my compiled program problems.
Thanks a lot once a again. Is xft or freetype broken on my system ?

I’ve seen the xft problem also on my Mac. The first time you run an app using xft it takes very long to read all ttf fonts. After the first time the info is cached in the X server and starting ROOT is fast again. TTF font support in TCanvas is not affected as here we read only a very specific set of fonts.

– Fons

It seems I was too impatient. This takes around 5 mins on my laptop, but this eventually loads, and just as you said, this only needs to be done once.
The anti-aliasing effect is very nice, though. :slight_smile: