undefined symbol: pytune_


I have a quation concerning TPythia6 in root. I have a macro which looks pretty much the same as the example in root:


It works for me fine. But when I want to use the pythia->Pytune(300) function, I get following crash:

Processing pythiaExample.C(100,0.232,“test.root”)…
/opt/products/root64/5.28.00/bin/root.exe: symbol lookup error: /opt/products/root64/5.28.00/lib64/ undefined symbol: pytune_

I get this error also when I want to compile the macro. As you can see I am using root528 on a 64 bit machine.

Thanks in advance,

It seems you did not do gSystem->Load(“libPythia6”), which provides “pytune_” (check where your “” is located and see the “loadLibraries” function in the “pythiaExample.C”).
See also this thread: [url]Select a PDFset for pythia6 inside Root