LHEReader with RDataFrame?

Dear ROOT experts,
Does anyone know of an easy way to analyze a standard LHE file with RDataFrame?

The way I used to do it before is to convert LHE files to ROOT with ExRootAnalysis library and then use simple loops over events as suggested in the link above.

  • Is it possible to read such root file with RDataFrame?
  • Otherwise, do you know of any other tools/code to read LHE files into RDataFrame?


Hi @Andrey_Pozdnyakov ,
I am not aware of any already existing tool.

I think there are two available options – both require a bit of coding:

  1. if ExRootAnalysis can read LHE files into ROOT, then you can just dump their contents into a ROOT TTree and then read that with RDataFrame

  2. RDataFrame can read arbitrary columnar formats via ad-hoc RDataSource implementations. We have one for CSV files, one for Arrow tables, etc. A LHE RDataSource implementation could be developed and then it could be used to read LHE files in RDataFrame


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