LHCb: User Feedback for ROOT User Workshop (Please participate!)

Dear LHCb data analysts,

as you can see in the pinned top post, the ROOT Users’ Workshop 2018 in September is approaching

I was asked by Eduardo Rodrigues to represent the LHCb users at this workshop. Here is the corresponding abstract:


This is a great opportunity for YOU to give feedback to the ROOT devs about features you like and want to see developed further, and features that you want improved.

We have the ROOT issue tracker on JIRA where you can submit feature requests and bugs and up-vote issues that you care about. If you already use that extensively, great! If you find that too cumbersome, here is your alternative.

Reply to this thread and tell me what you like and dislike as a user in ROOT. I will collect and organise your answers so that I can forward the message in the talk.

If you don’t like writing here, no problem. I will prepare a user survey as well and send that around. I kindly ask you all to participate. It is going to be brief and will only take a few minutes of your time. It is worth it, because user feedback is a powerful influence. I am leading projects myself and I can assure you that much.

Best regards,