Let's Merge Support and Discussion sections

Why not merge Support and Discussion sections. Looking at the posts
I and most other readers seem to have dificulty in deciding where to
post (When do you find a bug and when is incorrect usage that
requires support)


I think Eddy has a point. But maybe a split in multiple categories makes sense? I would
not mind having categories like “graphics”, “fitting”, “I/O”, “PROOF” etc. It is easy to
move/moderate questions to the proper categories. That way we build a more
organized collection of answers?



Hi Maarten,
that’s a great idea in my point of view. I already like the separate documentation branch, knowing that I have a fair chance that I’ll have to reply, whereas as an example I’m clueless about and not too interested in classes starting with “TG”. So a split by root regions (gui, proof,…, just as you said) would really be helpful for me. I’d like to suggest a separate build section, though, maybe even one for win, one for linux, one for other? Could be subsections, if that exist.


Rene, Fons

What do you think about this?



May be a bit too early to restructure. We will clearly need a section
about installation as suggested by Axel.


traffic is not yet too high for me.
Although I agree that dividing
messages by more specific categories would be usefull.
Concerning me I’d like to have
"TGxxx classes"
“ROOT on windows” sub-forums

Regards. Valeriy