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Legends doesn't appear correctly on the web/JSRoot

Dear all,

I have one problem that is connected to the JSRoot.
I have made a website where root files can appear via JSRoot.
The Legends of those root files appear very small and in a different position that I have define on the cpp script and from the root if you open it.
So something has to change in some JSRoot file I think…I’ve tried to change some parameters in JSRootCore.js like FrameNDC:{…}, fPad…Margin, fX1NDC …but nothing has changed…also I noticed that on the web if I click on the legend box/Inspect the fOption: is “brNDC” but in JSRootCore.js in case ‘TPave’: the fOption: is “blNDC”…Has anybody an idea how can I change the size of the legend on the web?

thanks a lot in advance

Hi Maria,

Can you provide ROOT file with problematic plot?


Dear Sergey,

thanx a lot for your reply.It helped me to understand that the problem was in cpp script and not in JSRoot.
I’ve fixed the bug with gStyle options.