Legendre polynomials not included?

Hey, i am currently trying to solve a problem sheet which demands to fit a data set with legendre polynomials. According to the documentary, they must be incorporated in the root::math namespace. But i keep printing the following error message: > Error in : Formula is invalid and not ready to execute > ROOT::Math::legendre is unknown. Even the given example who could be found under /tutorials/math/Legendre.C does not work. Is there a subtle solution for this problem rather can "creating" all polynomials by my own. cs Kevin

Have you installed ROOT with mathmore enabled? The Legendre polynomials are implemented using GSL, and to enable them, you need to enable mathmore when configuring ROOT.

Thanks for your answer. Actually , no i did not. I thougt this command :gSystem->Load(“libMathMore”); would do the job. How can i get access to this set of special functions?

You need to configure ROOT with -Dmathmore=ON -Dbuiltin_gsl=ON if you use CMake.
If you already have GSL installed on your machine, you can use just -Dmathmore=ON.

Could you please provide a little bit more information about how it can get it working. Frankly, i have no clue what i have to change in the config file. I have already downloaded gsl packag from the corresponding webpage. I really appreciate any help. cs Kevin

Sure, what Linux distribution are you using? Or are you using a Mac?
In any case, you can find more information about how to build ROOT in the website.
If the information above is not enough, give us some information about your environment and we will help you to build ROOT.

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