Learning about trees, tutorial not working

I have the ROOT tutorial chapter 14, attempting to learn how to make and use TTree classes but all the examples and the tutorial data is missing and/or different in the $ROOTSYS/tutorial/tree file. Does anyone know if there is a more up to date tutorial that would be easier to follow along?

I don’t know what “chapter 14” you mean but here are: Tutorials -> Tree tutorials

Yes, there should be a text file staff.dat that is missing, and the staff.C script does not follow the tutorial at all.

Actually, the “cernstaff.dat” file should exist in your local “${ROOTSYS}/tutorials/tree” sudirectory and, in order to run the “${ROOTSYS}/tutorials/tree/staff.C” tutorial, you MUST first execute the “${ROOTSYS}/tutorials/tree/cernbuild.C” tutorial (and that is clearly documented).