LCG 94 and C++17

Probably the wrong place to ask, but could we have ROOT built with C++17 support in LCG 94?
The string_view compatibility classes used if ROOT is built for C++ 14 means code using ROOT can’t use C++ 17 either unless ROOT is built for C++ 17.

This is already the case in the dev4 nightlies.


I’m just another user, but LCG_94 does seem to have C++17 builds of ROOT. It just depends which configuration you use. e.g. x86_64-centos7-gcc7-opt (and gcc8) are built with C++17, but the gcc62 build has C++14.

It’s still rather annoying, because when you build your own code that links against these builds you have to make sure you use a consistent -std=c++XX flag, because of the string_view issue that you mention.

Cheers, Olli


Ah, LCG 94 has been released now. The rc1 only had an slc6-gcc62 build.

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