Launching a job using grid?

Hi everyone,
I finished my code which is running well, but my data are very huge and will take for ever in a local computer, so I would like to know if is it possible to launch the task in grid. I read the tutorial about “Running CMSSW code on the Grid using CRAB3” so I have almost all the prerequisite needed to launch the job for instance a grid certificate, to be in cmsenv, or crab envir. etc… but my problem is how to adapt the cms config file and the crab config file to my code.
I attached my code and data I gonna use (the data is just a reduction of what I gonna use), which I run by doing:

./EletcronLooper.exe mc_small.txt

Cheers (9.43 KB)
mc_small.txt (374 Bytes)


this is probably the wrong forum. Please address your question to the right CMS HN.


Ok Thanks Danilo,
I will