Launch root from any directory

Hi guys

There is a thing that I would like to fix.
After the installation of root I have added in the file .bashrc the path to, so I can run root in a new terminal without having to source every time. I have added a line like:

source root/builddir/bin/ #Source root

However, when I open a new terminal starting in a different folder from the home directory, I receive this warning:

bash: root/builddir/bin/ File or directory non existing

I have fixed this adding to bashrc the specific path to from that specific directory. For example for directory Document, a subdirectory of Home:

source ../root/builddir/bin/ #Source root

however I should do this for every directory I want to run root, very annoying. Is there a clear way to achieve this?

Platform: Ubuntu

Well, if you specify the full PATH (e.g. source /wherever/root/is/root/builddir/bin/ #Source root) , that should work. Or did I miss something?

yep you are right

I forgot to put there the global path

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