Landau Distribution - Analytic Function

Dear mathematicians,

I have the following problem:
I fitted successfully data with a fit fuction of the form “exponential + Landau”.
Now I have a parametrization of my data and need to migrate this parametrization to fortran. But I can’t find an “easy” description of the Landau distribution part for my fit in ROOT. I already checked where ROOT gets the Landau distribution from and this is: “This function has been adapted from the CERNLIB routine G110 denlan.”, you can look it up here " " or here page 226 " ".

My question is: Is there an easy description for the Landau distribution OR a routine in fortran with can be used to get the same functional values as retrieved with ROOT (so I can use it with fortran)?

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You can simply use G110 routines from CERNLIB (which are actually written in Fortran).

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