Keyboard input and dialog boxes in GUI


when I invoke a dialog box via ROOT GUI there are two properties that don’t let me sleep:

  1. The first input box doesn’t receive focus automatically, so one has to click in it before typing.
  2. Pressing tab key doesn’t move the cursor to the next input box. Thus, one has to use the mouse again.

I’m running CERN SL4 Linux and Gnome. I tried KDE as well but without success.

Does someone know how to get mouseless input? Thanks in advance,


Hi Kaspi,

Please see the topic at

Best regards, Ilka


I’ve already read this topic, but I don’t know how to apply the suggested solutions to my problem. Maybe there is a decent misunderstanding. I’ll try to give an concrete example. I make a plot of a TGraph, see the code. It makes a window with canvas and the graph inside. Then I right-click on a axis and pick up SetRangeUser. Consequently a dialog called “TAxis::SetRangeUser” appears. It has 2 input boxes. And now I get the troubles I described in the previous post.

TGraph *g = new TGraph(); // the graph is filled here new TCanvas(); g->Draw("AP");

Can this really be solved by any of the suggested scripts? I thought they’re intended for GUI developers. But I’m just GUI user.

Thank you, Kaspi.

[quote=“antcheva”]Hi Kaspi,

Please see the topic at

Best regards, Ilka[/quote]


Indeed, I misunderstood your request- it is clear now. Thank you for provided details.

  1. The GUI can behave differently according to your desktop settings. For example, if I use ‘focus on click’ - I am obliged to click before entering text in the dialog window; if I set ‘focus follows mouse’ - I can type some text immediately after the mouse is over the dialog.

  2. There is no Tab keyboard navigation implemented in ROOT dialog windows that pops up via context menu. I will include your request in our ToDo list.

Best regards, Ilka

Hello Ilka,

This would be great. I’ve been missing this feature for a very long time.


Hi Olivier,

Thank you for your feedback - so, we will try to improve that as soon as possible and will keep you informed.

Best regards, Ilka

Hi Kaspi and Olivier,

The Tab keyboard navigation was implemented for ROOT dialog windows that pops up via context menu. This code is available in cvs.

Best regards, Ilka