Kernel dies in jupyter notebook when I try to import root_pandas

Hello Everyone,

I want to use root_pandas with Python via Jupyter Notebook/Lab.
When I try to import root_pandas via Jupyter Notebook ,it results in a dead kernel.

Are there any alternatives for this. I am using miniconda!


Sorry to hear your kernels die, but perhaps this is due to the fact that root_pandas is not supported any more.

And yes, there are alternatives to this :slight_smile: : RDataFrame allows to interoperate with Python quite smoothly!

Could you perhaps describe what you are trying to accomplish?


I was trying to use pandas for plotting using matplotlib in jupyternotebook

I have now come to realize that it dies when I try and import ROOT too!
I don’t what know happened, as this was working perfectly the other day!
But now as soon as the root_pandas thing came up, import ROOT also fails!

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling miniconda and all relevant packages but the problem still persists! :cry:

Is there a way I may know what versions of these packages are well ‘compatible’ with one another
: jupyter, root, numpy, matplotlib, python, ROOT etc!?


This looks like a misconfiguration on your system, perhaps are you mixing environments (e.g. Python versions)?
If you want to install ROOT from Conda please refer to Installing ROOT - ROOT .

I hope this helps,