JyROOT possible?

I am just wondering if anybody has ever used PyROOT on the Jython platform and if it’s possible at all. I guess it would not be a simple “adjust PYTHONPATH correctly and you can use import ROOT”-thing?
I am happy to hear of any experiences in this direction…

(maybe I tell a little bit about my usecase: one of my colleagues develops a small java application that collects metadata about files of various type by calling specialised python snippets for the filetype. I should contribute a snippet that will extract metadata about our .root files, so I’d like to do “import ROOT”. However, the main app runs the snippets on Jython and not via a shell call to CPython)

Thanks a lot


no that’s not possible: Jython is a rewrite of the python language that targets the JVM. As such, using extension modules (such as libPyROOT.so, but it is generally the case) requires a mapping of the C-API and its internals to the JVM and that currently does not exist (it’s on the Jython developers’ TODO list AFAIK, but this is not easy, and virtually impossible to do efficiently).


Hello Wim,
thanks for your swift reply. I already had thought that this would be the answer :wink: