Jupyter notebook on a different port?

Normally in my workflow if I want to use a jupyter notebook remotely, I would do: jupyter notebook --ip= --port=8889 --no-browser. However, I am not sure how I can pass in those parameters if I want to use ROOT notebook with root --notebook?

ROOT Version: 6.08/00
Platform: CentOS release 6.9
Compiler: gcc (GCC) 6.4.0


Unfortunately root --notebook does not parse any arguments intended for Jupyter in the command line. If you would like to specify Jupyter parameters, you can also do it via configuration file:




Thanks a lot! If I want to help implement it where should I look at in the codebase?

Also, I tried using configuration file. But it seems that root --notebook does not pick up the port/ip I listed. I tried with just jupyter notebook and it worked. Any idea?

The root --notebook functionality is implemented here:

so that’s what you would need to modify to forward the remaining args to Jupyter.

On the other hand, actually root --notebook creates its own jupyter notebook configuration file, which should be in your $HOME/.rootnb/jupyter_notebook_config.py. If you include the configuration options there it should pick them.

Thanks a lot! I am able to pass in the parameters as I want.

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