Jupyter kernel dies while importing ROOT

Hello Everyone,

I want to use ROOT with Python via Jupyter Notebook/Lab.
When I try to import ROOT via Jupyter Notebook or Console, it results in a dead kernel.
When I try to import ROOT directly in Python it works perfectly.
The Python version is 3.9.13 in all cases (ROOT was also compiled using this version).

The Problem seems very similar to issue JIRA/ROOT/ROOT-10884, but this issue should be fixed in the version I am using (I also checked the CMakeLists.txt file from jupyroot)

I am very thankfull if you have any suggestions

ROOT Version: 6.26.06
Platform: POP-OS 22.04 (Ubuntu 22.04)
Compiler: Not Provided

Welcome to the ROOT Forum!
The issue you’re mentioning refers to a conda build. Is it also your case? And I’m not sure who can help with this. Maybe @etejedor ?

I installed python and jupyter with conda. Root was compiled with the source files.

OK, thanks. Let’s hope @etejedor can help here…

Short update:
Deleted Root and Anaconda
Reinstalled Anaconda
Did this
conda create -c conda-forge --name root_env root python=3.9
conda activate root_env
conda install -c anaconda ipykernel
python -m ipykernel install --user --name=root_env

Now everything works as far as I can tell


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