Jsroot simple gui with custom buttons

Dear experts,

I would like to know how to add buttons with js functions to the jsroot open file page that you get when using JSROOT.buildGUI(“div”). Please see the image.

I am trying to use this example JavaScript ROOT API examples that has some buttons with commands, but I don’t understand the rules for creating buttons and where the commands are executed.



The GUI is built here and for example the command of the “Load” button executed here
But you can create your own html page, like this one for example


It is not possible to add button at the place you want.
At least now - one have to extend functionality.
I can do it once I back from vacations begin of September.

You could try to use HierarchyPainter class as it shown in example:


There you can construct any elements you need.


Thanks for all your feedback. I will try to build it from scratch.