JSROOT shows distortions in reference sector grid


We have observed some displaying issues in the new version of JSROOT v7 compared to v6.
V6: ( Read a ROOT file )

  • y axis does not display entire labels
  • sector grid (grey lines) are correctly drawn;

V7: ( Read a ROOT file )

  • y axis correctly and fully displays the labels
  • sector grid (grey lines) are incorrectly drawn;

This was observed with the following ROOT file:
TObject_1659604926523.root (254 KB)

@linev would you be able to provide some insights if this is a bug or maybe an error on our side with regards to the data in the ROOT object.

I am also attaching a screenshot with the comparison of v7 (left), v6 (right)

Thank you,

@linev can you help here? thanks

Hi George,

I can reproduce the problem and will try to prepare the fix for it.


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Problem fixed in master branch, will be released soon as 7.2.0 version.
If necessary. I can make fast 7.1.2 release with only this fix.

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Hi @linev ,

We do not expect a new version of our software package to be deployed this week, thus if 7.2.0 will be released by mid of next week, that is good enough for us.

Thank you for the quick fix,

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