jsROOT off by one error in axis labels?

Dear jsROOTers

I am using devel version of jsROOT on https://root.cern.ch/js/dev//scripts/JSRootCore to display a canvas that was generated with ROOT 6.08/06. I see an off by one error in the hover text in these histograms with alphanumeric bin labels. https://narayan.web.cern.ch/narayan/jsroot/

Particularly if you hover the mouse over bin1, the pop up box shows bin name of the next bin and the popup for the last bin doesn’t have any name.

Can this be fixed please ?



Hi Rohin,

Thanks for reporting this - it is fixed now.


Can I also request this to be propagated to https://root.cern.ch/js/dev//scripts/JSRootCore please



It is already done - just clean your browser cache.

Hi Sergey,

Thanks so much for this very quick update. The pop-up box for the central bin now appears arbitrarily on either left or right bins. This is not really an issue, but if this is something that you can quickly change, may I request that you change it ?



It is not an arbitrary position - one tries that rectangle with text info do not overlap highlighted bin. And position of that rectangle depends from previous mouse movements.

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