jsROOT Not Working for Remote Files?

Am I mis-using jsROOT? I uploaded a .root file with a bunch of TGraph, TMultiGraph, TLegend, and TCanvas to this place:

Now if I load this URL:

It seems to load something but nothing shows up. I had assumed it would be as easy as that, but does this mean I have to install jsROOT on the server hosting the file?

Ok I figured this out on my own. “Installing jsROOT” is not difficult at all, just download the source code and copy the whole directory over to your webserver, then use the index.htm in the provided source instead of the gsi address.

uhhep.phys.uh.edu/~jcaron/jsROOT/ (I just untared the jsROOT source code here)
and now this works:

Hi Jean-Francois,

Note that you don’t need to install anything. You can simply keep the index.html, and use the code from root (or gsi) by simply replacing this line:

with (for example):

And if you want to know the reason why it didn’t work before, please read this chapter of the documentation

Cheers, Bertrand.

“Simply replace the line”, but which line? I’m just hosting a .root file on a webserver, not embedding jsROOT in a web page that already exists.

There is a a index.htm file on your web server, right? So jut take a look inside…

I was relying on my browser providing a file listing when asked to show a directory without an index.html file present: uhhep.phys.uh.edu/~jcaron/ has no index file.

I guess somewhere the server generates such an index file but I’m not up to messing with the server configuration.


I hope you solve your problem.

To open your file and display items, just do:

uhhep.phys.uh.edu/~jcaron/jsROOT … ot&item=c1

Seems to be, your web server by default generates index of files in the directory.