Jsroot: how to remove purple background for histograms displayed using an iframe?


We’re building a website to display histograms using the wonderful jsroot. We’re putting the histograms into iframes, as suggested in the docs. But the frame has a purple color. I was wondering if we could disable this, i.e., give the frame a white color, while still using iframes. Does anyone know how to change this?



Hi Alex,

I do not see purple color on your drawings.
If you mean default color behind histogram draw - it is default property of JSROOT main HTML file.

Also usage of <iframe> is very simple, but not most efficient way to use JSROOT.
You can create minimal web page like this one:


In such case you can configure much more HTML attributes.


Thanks Sergey. I was indeed asking about the default color behind the histogram.

If we can’t change that color, then yes, it sounds like using JSROOT.draw is a good idea.

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