Jet parameters

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i generated a root file using Delphes, of the event gg2h. In root file there is a branch named

*Br  292 :Jet.Mass  : Float_t Mass[Jet_]     

I would like to know what information does it contain. Is it the rest mass or the relativistic mass (E^2 - |p|^2 ).

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this is something you should ask to your colleagues or supervisor.
Nonetheless in special relativity for a particle the rest mass and what you called relativistic mass are the same thing.
I am not sure if there is a different definition for the rest mass of a jet

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The problem was there was a lot of background while simulating the event. when I plotted the invariant mass of the Higgs Boson, the peak was coming out to be around 95GeV when it should come around 120GeV. Which resulted me thinking, if this is because the mass that i am giving as input to the lorentzVector.Mag function could be the rest mass (invariant mass). If we use the relativistic mass (or just mass) we are to get peak.
Also the text I’ve referred, addresses the rest mass as the invariant mass, and relativistic mass (or mass) to the Energy of the entity.

The term relativistic mass is considered obsolete and now is just considered the total energy of the particle, I think your jet mass is simply the rest mass of the jet.
To obtain the higgs mass I think you should sum of at least 2 separate jets.

Thanks I got the point.