Issues with xrootd


I am trying to use PoD to run PROOF on ROOT 6.05.02. It seems something concerning the installation of xrootd has changed between ROOT 5 and ROOT 6. All this is done on a SLC6 machine where ROOT has been compiled with gcc 4.9.3. I set the builtin_xrootd and xrootd flags on in cmake, so xrootd is built with ROOT. However when in do the make install (or cmake --build . --target install) the xrootd binary and the include files go nowhere. Then PoD cannot run because xrootd binary is missing.

If I manually move xrootd (which is actually built) to $ROOTSYS, then PoD runs… but I get a crash when leaving the ROOT session claiming for example that XProtocol.hh is not found.

I have also installed the xrootd libraries in SLC6 (seems now it is release 4.2.3)… but I am not sure how to configure ROOT/PROOF and PoD to see them… so I could get rid of compiling xrootd with ROOT.

Any hint of what is going on and how to fix it is very much welcome.

Well… googling a bit more I got to:

And revising once more my installation it seems some xrootd RPMs where missing in the user interface and the worker nodes.

Of course this does not explain why when setting xrootd to be built with ROOT 6 it is not deployed and, thus, usable. One may have access to a cluster where it is not possible to install xrootd manually in each node.


One of the changes between R5 and R6 is that R6 is built with cmake, which offers the possibility to build-in xrootd. However, I must say that this option is most likely very rarely been used, because, to my knowledge, installation always take xrootd from the local installation or from shared file systems, such as afs or cvmfs.

I will check the built-in mode and fix what is needed to be fixed.

In principle, running cmake with -Dxrootd=ON should find the libraries if installed in standard places. This is on lxplus:

lxplus0037:/tmp/ganis/build $ cmake -Dxrootd=ON ../root
-- Looking for XROOTD
-- Found Xrootd version num: 4.2.3 (setting -DROOTXRDVERS=400020003)
--              libXrdMain not found: xproofd will be a wrapper around xrootd
--              include_dirs: /usr/include/xrootd;/tmp/ganis/root/proof/xrdinc
--              libraries: /usr/lib64/;/usr/lib64/;/usr/lib64/

G Ganis