Issues with installing rootpy

I am trying to install rootpy on my home machine. I believe that I have pyroot enabled, as I can successfully import ROOT from python and call python functions from within the ROOT environment.

However, I am having problems when I try to install pyroot. I first downloaded the source:

git clone git://

and when I then type

sudo python install

I get the error

ROOT cannot be imported. Is ROOT installed with PyROOT enabled?

Why does my machine think that pyroot is not enabled?


It might be that you have multiple python versions installed on your system, and the one found by sudo python could be different from the one found by python.

To check if this is the case you can run which python and sudo which python. If the outputs differ that might be the problem. Fix your PATH set up or try sudo -E python install.


I tried instead

python --user install

So I think you’re right, sudo was causing some problems!

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