Issues copying the format of a tree

I am trying to take a subset of events from one tree and enter the data into a tree matching the format of a different one. When I try to use the tree I made in a ML algorithm someone else made (that runs on the tree whose format I am trying to copy), I get an error. I am able to access the entries and values in the tree I made, but the results from are slightly different between the two trees.

The tree I wanted to copy the format of produces this:

TFile**		../abcdnn-master/data/target_data.root	
 TFile*		../abcdnn-master/data/target_data.root	
  KEY: TTree	Events;1

My tree produces this:

TFile**		target_data.root	
 TFile*		target_data.root	
  KEY: TTree	Events;1	target_data

Below is the code I used to make the tree. I am guessing the issue has to do with the title but I get an error if I try to just take it out so I don’t know what to do.

class ToyTree:
    def __init__(self, name): = name
        self.f = ROOT.TFile(name+".root","RECREATE")
        self.t = ROOT.TTree("Events", name)
        self.nJet = array('i', [0])
        self.nbJet = array('i', [0])
        self.BDT_disc = array('f', [0]) = array('f', [0])
        self.met = array('f', [0])
        self.bjht = array('f', [0])
        self.sphericity = array('f', [0])
        self.xsecWeight = array('f', [0])
        self.t.Branch('nJet', self.nJet, 'nJets/I')
        self.t.Branch('nbJet', self.nbJet, 'nbJets/I')
        self.t.Branch('BDT_disc', self.BDT_disc, 'BDT_disc/F')
        self.t.Branch('ht',, 'ht/F')
        self.t.Branch('met', self.met, 'met/F')
        self.t.Branch('bjht', self.bjht, 'bjht/F')
        self.t.Branch('sphericity', self.sphericity, 'sphericity/F')
        self.t.Branch('xsecWeight', self.xsecWeight, 'xsecWeight/F')
    def Fill(self, event_data):
        self.nJet[0] = event_data[0]
        self.nbJet[0] = event_data[1]
        self.BDT_disc[0] = event_data[2][0] = event_data[3]
        self.met[0] = event_data[4]
        self.bjht[0] = event_data[5]
        self.sphericity[0] = event_data[6]
        self.xsecWeight[0] = event_data[7]
    def Write(self):
        print(".root:",self.t.GetEntries()," entries")

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Hi @Trevor_Russell ,
sorry for the high latency, I am afraid the question is a bit too vague.

What is the error you get exactly, how do you run that code, and what is your ROOT version and operating system?


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