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Issue with TF1 in multithreaded application


I have a multithreaded application (Geant4) that creates a new TF1 object in each worker thread. Invoking for example:

new TF1("test", "1", 0, 2);

However for some reason I cannot have more than one worker thread contruct this object or it will throw a strange error message:

input_line_13:2:10: error: expected '{'
input_line_13:2:10: error: C++ requires a type specifier for all declarations
Double_t TFormula____id10159970873491820195(){ return 1 ; }
Double_t TFormula____id10159970873491820195(){ return 1 ; }
 *** Break *** segmentation violation
error: expected unqualified-id
Double_t TFormula____id10159970873491820195(){ return 1 ; }

 *** Break *** segmentation violation

My guess is that it has something to do with the global state, perhaps there is something trivial I am missing since I don’t usually work with this classes. Thanks.

ROOT Version: 6-25-01

The problem is fixed by calling


from the #include <TROOT.h> header.

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Thank you for posting the solution.
This is correct, if you don’t call ROOT::EnableThreadSafety() the locks for the usage of the interpreter in the parsing of the Formula used in TF1 are not enabled.



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